To celebrate our beautiful CreativeMornings New York community, we'd like to once again turn the mic to our audience. We’re inviting YOU! to apply to be a speaker on Friday August 11th.
The theme is GENIUS and we’re looking for folks who have something to say about a genius, genius project or genius idea. 
To apply, click that red button. The application deadline is June 30th, 5pm EDT. From these submissions, a few will be chosen to give a seven minute talk, with some additional light coaching from us. Chosen speakers will be announced on Jul 10th. Good luck!
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One of our core values is celebrating and recognizing the contributions of others before your own. What’s an idea or person that you believe is genius? This is a moment to pick apart something that inspires you and teach others why it works well. Record a short video of yourself telling us about a genius, genius project or genius idea. Include the Dropbox link to your video file here. *

If you don't use dropbox, please email the video to
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Thanks for submitting your info for consideration! If you are selected, we'll notify you by July 10th. P.s. You look great today!
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